USPMA Emblem and Logo


The emblem and logo used by the US Paratroopers Motorcycle Association is copyrighted by the US Paratroopers Motorcycle Association and is registered with US Library of Congress. The US Paratroopers Motorcycle Association (USPMA) patch and logo cannot be reproduced without written permission from the officers of the association.

The emblem of the US Paratroopers Motorcycle Association consists of an image of the U.S. Army's Basic Parachutist Badge with a forward-facing skull with glowing eyes wearing a maroon beret centered on and obscuring the badge's canopy.  The badge is centered on a circular field of black.  The Basic Parachutist Badge and the maroon beret represent the training and qualification required to be a Paratrooper.  The skull and glowing eyes represent the lethality and intensity of Paratroopers as well as the inherent danger associated with parachute operations.  The field of black represents the typical nighttime scheduling of parachute assaults.

The appearance of the USPMA Logo on any website other than does not constitute endorsement or approval of said website by the USPMA board.

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